Product specification
Product specification

CF (Comfortable Series): 

The CF series adopts medical grade elastic material, which is easy to press or vacuum-forming and cut into shapes, With proper biomechanical strength and improved crack resistance compared with ST series. It is more comfortable to wear.

ST (Standard Long-lasting Retention Series): 

Use ultra-high hardness thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material to provide excellent stress retention rate, good tear resistance, and obvious correction effect. 

ML (Multilayer Series): 

Multi-layer dental coping sheets are designed according to different clinical needs, exhibit balanced biomechanical properties, and can provide physicians and patients with comprehensive options. 

FN (Special Functional Series): 

The Maxflex™ R&D team has created a new series of drug loading sheets and anti-bruxism products, which provide a comprehensive solution for dental health care. 

Dental coping sheets
Dental coping sheets

Maxflex™ is a high-performance material specially designed for dental orthodontics. Our products are optimized for high stress rentention ratio, ductility, tear resistance, stain resistance, and transparency based on materials science. Compared with general materials, they can provide better Dental treatment and nursing function.
Moreover Maxflex™ is also committed to dental health care research and will launch various short-term wearable teeth whitening, antibacterial, and deodorizing products in the future.

Dental coping rolls
Dental coping rolls

Maxflex™ dental coping rolls are made of high-performance thermalplastic polyurethane material. It has excellent biocompatibility, stress maintenance, stain resistance, and tear resistance. It is the best material for making orthodontic appliances and retainers.


(A) Model preparation 

 (1) The model should be completely cured and dry. 

 (2) The model should be trimmed to be approximately 20-25mm. 

 (3) Any special molding machine accessories should be assembled and placed with positive or negative pressure. 

 (4) Applying medical release agent on the model is recommended (to prevent the appliance from sticking to the model). 

 (5) Positive pressure (4 to 6 kg/cm2) thermoforming machine is recommended/negative pressure thermoforming machine(vacuum thermoforming machine): 

 (5-1) Turn on the thermoforming machine, enter the reference code, and set the appropriate heating temperature and time (Please refer to the table of thermoforming parameters). 

 (5-2) Adjust the appropriate vacuum degree for thermoforming (a complicated sheet usually requires a high vacuum degree)

 (5-3) Place the model on the forming platform and adjust it to an appropriate position.


(6) Open the foil bag and place the Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet on the thermoforming frame (the Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet needs to be used up within 15 minutes after opening the foil bag). 

(7) Swing the heating element (usually Tungsten wire heating hood) over the Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet to start heating until the sheet sags by approximately 12 to 20 mm. 

(8) Move the heating element away from the Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet. 

(9) Use positive compressed air pressure or negative vacuum suction to form the thermoformable sheet onto the model and allow the part to cool before handling. 

(10) Trim and finish the appliance. 

(1 1) Clean the Maxflex™ appliance with a mild detergent that complies with medical specifications. (please clean it under 40 ℃) 

Table of thermoforming parameters
Table of thermoforming parameters

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a.  These are recommended thermoforming parameters for Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet materials.

b.  The heating time varies between different machines.

c.  If the Maxflex™ sheet doesn’t form well according to the model, the heating time can be increased by 3-5 seconds until the appliance is well-formed.

d.  If the sheet sags to form wrinkles or abnormal deformation, reduce the heating time until no wrinkles or abnormal deformation occurs.

e.  The Maxflex™ thermoformable sheet should be used within 15 minutes after opening the foil bag. If bubbles form in the process of plastic heating and sagging, it means that the sheet has absorbed water. Please replace it with a new thermoformable sheet.

f.  Maxflex™ design can have many variations, learning to make perfect appliances with this material may require some additional guidance and technical communication.

Trimming instructions
Trimming instructions

 (1) Use a trimming wheel or a twist drill to cut the Maxflex™ appliance off the model. 

 (2) Operate the trimming wheel or twist drill (recommended diameter is approximately 1mm) at approximately 20,000-30,000 rpm and cut as close as possible to the finished outline of the appliance. (At least 3mm of the gingiva is suggested.) 

 (3) Use an edge polisher to polish the edges of the Maxflex™ appliance. 

 (4) Finally, clean the Maxflex™ appliance with a mild detergent that complies with medical specifications. (please clean it under 40℃) 



Contraindications: Patients with a history of allergic reaction to plastics should avoid this material. 

Caution: if the thermoformable sheet is heated overtime during thermoforming,  the plastic may sag and may cause skin burns to technicians. Please wear appropriate protective equipment. 

Medical disclaimer:

The test conforms to ISO10993, proving the standardization of Maxflex™ products. Furthermore, independent tests were conducted for biocompatibility, such as cytotoxicity, system injection, and intradermal and intramuscular implantation.

Considering the unique nature of each application and the fact that equipment manufacturing depends on the materials, thermoforming machines, molds, and the skills of technicians, we guarantee that Maxflex™ sheets meet our strict specifications.

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We encourage you to contact us regarding the use of Maxflex™ materials.