How many specification of Maxflex™'s clear aligner material? (dental coping sheet)

To achieve the balance between the comfort of clients and the orthodontic effect that dentists pursued,

Maxflex™ devoted lots of efforts to developing new material, we created a variety of material to accomplish clients' and dentists' wishes.

🦷The picture below shows our product code description:

🦷Our dental coping sheet has 4 different series:

ST = Long lasting retention series; ML= Multilayer Series; CF = Comfortable Series; FN = Functional Series

🦷And for different orthodontic force:

HXX = High Orthodontic Force; MXX = Comfort;LXX = High comfort

🦷Currently, we have these thickness sizes for reference, other customized sizes are welcomed, please send us your inquiry via [email protected]

40 = 0.40 mm; 50 = 0.50 mm; 63 = 0.63 mm; 76 = 0.76 mm; 10 = 1.00 mm

🦷We now only provide dimension 125mm dental coping sheet

🦷As for shapes: Circle(CE) and Square(SE)

To see more information of Maxflex™'s dental coping sheet, please click here!