How to select the best orthodontic material of Maxflex™ for your patient?

Based on each patients' needs, now Maxflex™ has 4 different for you to select:

CF (economic and comfortable series):

The series adopts medical grade elastomers material, which is easy to vacuum-forming and cut to shape, has proper biomechanical, and comfortable to wear.

For different orthodontic force, we have three different material for you to choose.

ST (long-lasting retention series):

Ultra-high hardness thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, high-stress retention rate, good tear resistance, and obvious correction effect.

ML (multilayer compound series):

Multilayer dental coping sheets are designed according to different clinical needs, exhibit balanced biomechanical properties, and can provide physicians and patients with comprehensive options.

FN (special functional series):

The Maxflex™ R&D team has created a new series of drug-loading sheets and antibruxism products, which provide a comprehensive solution for dental health care.

We, Maxflex™ manufacture clear aligner material, we can meet your need.

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